When hot celebrities pose nude for Playboy, the world stops to get a copy …

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Nightcrawler has posed for Playboy too, Stark asks. As usual you nod, you know hes lying. Oh, theyre all here, Stark says. You glance around and see a poster of Storm with a gun in her hand next to a poster of Colossus with a knife in his hand. The whole teams here, Stark says, This might be our best year yet. As you look at the posters, the rest of your friends stare back at you. Do you want to buy a poster or something. S like the most expensive poster you can buy. Re not sure if we should get one. T really anything else for sale, so you all agree to go to a shop and get a poster. Okay, so are we getting a poster or a poster and a t-shirt. Re going to the Comic Shop on South Street. Re glad she did since her brother Warren is trying to hit on you. We just got a new one today.

Information about Celebrities who posed for playboy magazine