When did beauty and the beast come out

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AN: So I guess this is my first time in a fandom fic in a long time. Im just kind of curious about this one and I hope you guys are as well. I really hope to find another one by Gabrielle-Suzanne as this one felt like a fluke. But heres hoping I get another one with a similar tone. I also just kind of wanted to leave a positive note there. Its always nice to know that even if you dont like the main character, they had at least one positive point to them. Anyhow, this is just going to be a short chapter since I have some schoolwork so I have to finish that up as well as other projects Im working on. Please leave some reviews and let me know if you like it, hate it, whats wrong, whatever. As long as I get this thing out, I feel like weve gotten past the big hurdle of what the first arc is about. Youre caught off guard after receiving this question. Im just here to get my degree. While this answer isnt what you wanted, you cant help but nod in agreement. Im on my way to finish up the last part of my homework. You nod your head and prepare yourself for the shower. You quickly close the door and immediately look for the breaker switch on the wall. You find that its indeed a solid switch right. We had a thunderstorm last night, and the electricity went out. No its not, open the fucking fucking door. Im trying to fix the power in the house, and youre cutting the power in order to sabotage me.

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