When death comes to soon or unexpectedly, its hard to cope with the…

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Another local who already had a rap sheet and a reputation for getting involved in drugs and violence shot as well a young guy named Kevin who is actually a student of mine. I had hoped to hire a new assistant but after the shootingI was able to find someone willing to work here. But then I never was able to get over Kevins death. And that was before they found out about his secret relationship with me. But like the old saying goes:Even your best of friends can drift into one anothers arms. Well maybe not drifting into ones arms, but into someones bed. Now I know it isnt right but Ive always loved the guy. Id do anything if only hed see me as more than just the prostitute who lucked into his fame. Just once a week, Id drive him to the club where he and I worked on my part-time. And all in all, I guess I dont think its all bad. Maybe not feeling bad, but Im just too damn sad about my best friend Kevin dying. I never realized how selfish and cold Ive been around my dad. Ill leave the house and go to my friend Lisas house. I suppose Ill just have to go see Kevins mom. But maybe I should ask her that in the last note instead of writing it in the note. If you open the note, the next paragraph is not present on the second page.

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