When celebrities die, their funerals are usually a bit more elaborate than your …

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Even though the death is usually considered somewhat sad and tragic, people usually try to make it a little weirder than it needs to be. And thats when you run into people from the cult you belong to, like the cultists, or even other celebrities, like the singer your idol died in a car crash, being put in caskets. You dont quite get it, but youre starting to believe that there must be something to all this. You go over to the nearest coffin and take a look. Inside is the body of the singer, and instead of just a simple casket, its a coffin made entirely out of the singers personal belongings. You start to feel really weird inside it. You look around, but cant see anything that could make this worse. It appears as though its almost as if the spirits of the dead are watching everything that is going on. In fact, the spirit of the dead singer is standing right next to all of you, but it simply looks at you, its face showing no emotion whatsoever. You dont look at the cultists, you stand up and walk over to the singers coffin. You open the door and just as you reach the top the door closes. Nothing happens when you open it up, and as soon as you move into the room youve stopped hearing the voices of the dead any longer. Youre about to leave when you notice something slightly out of the ordinary in the coffin. You stare at the coffin and can feel your eyes start to burn. Then with a sickeningly sweet odor, the coffin completely transforms into a giant candy maker. You fall backwards in your coffin as the coffin transforms into a giant candy oven, as the candy goes flying from the machine. You watch in horror as the coffin transforms into a giant candy cornfield as the candy pops fly into the air. The coffin transforms into a candy house as the candy houses fly into the air. You watch in horror as the coffin transforms into a giant candy cow as the candy cows come racing out of the house. You look up at the sky, and see that its starting to rain, the rain of candy. Finally, you decide to try to break the candy. You grab a piece of gum and try to chew it, but you dont have the strength. Luckily, you grab a rock in your hand and throw it right at the sweets. It works, and the wind blows them all away. Except for a few falling from the sky, most land on your coffin. You turn and look at the candy makers, and then the candy houses, and then the candy cows, but.

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