Whats going on? Top Gears Paddy McGuinness calls for help over confusing issue at home

Paddy McGuinness worries his children don't understand love

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Paddy McGuinness took to the social media platform on Wednesday as he shared a photo of his beloved cat before asking fans to chime in on their thoughts as to why Millie isn’t consuming his clean water. According to the Top Gear host, the cat he shares with wife Christine McGuinness prefers to drink water from the toilet, drains, and puddles instead. 

My boy ‘Millie With A Willy’ drinks water out of the toilet, sink, puddles, drains

Paddy McGuinness

In an apparent cry for help, the 48-year-old told his 557,000 followers: “Fellow Cat lovers, I need some help. 

“My boy ‘Millie With A Willy’ drinks water out of the toilet, sink, puddles, drains, in fact anywhere apart from his bowl? His bowl is always full with clean fresh water but he never touches it?”

He added: “What in the name of super vets is going on???”

Fans wasted no time in weighing in with their thoughts on what the problem could be. 

@AliAlimckay asked: “Is it next to his food? 

“If so try moving it away from there, my cat was the same until we moved her bowl.”

Paddy gratefully responded, saying: “Yes. Ok will give that a try.”

Another fan @SelinaSanders4 appeared to be having the same issues with her cat as she detailed the measures she had taken to get her kitten to drink clean water.

“Mine won’t drink from their bowl even away from their food so they have 2-3 glasses of water left around the house especially for them,” she said. 

“One likes to drink from the kitchen tap so I always leave a full glass in that sink too.”

@KristShallcross continued: “Cats are notoriously poor drinkers often refusing drinking water put out for them. 

“On a plus note they are super efficient as drawing water from their food.

“I feed mine wet food but add a splash of cold water on top. She doesn’t notice and it gets done more fluids into her.”(sic)

Elsewhere, in October, Paddy found himself in a spat with Jeremy Clarkson, who had taken a slight jibe at the former Take Me Out star after asking his Twitter followers: “What on earth has happened to Question of Sport?”

Paddy, who hosts the TV programme alongside BBC’s Top Gear, reacted by directly tagging the 61-year-old, saying: “The same thing that’s happened to Top Gear JC. New personnel, bigger ratings. Love you.”

However, earlier this month, Jeremy made another dig at Paddy during an interview with The Sun, where he claimed he “doesn’t know” the Lancashire local.

Speaking of the tweet he wrote in October, Jeremy explained: “I didn’t know who the man hosting Question of Sport was,” he said.

“I thought, ‘What the f*** am I watching? What is this programme?’

“A large number of people who I didn’t know were all shouting, ‘What has happened to Question of Sport?’ And then it turned out the man in the middle of it all does Top Gear.”

Paddy took over Jeremy’s hosting duties on Top Gear in 2018, three years after the latter was fired from his role following a physical altercation with the show’s producer Oisin Tymon in 2015.

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