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You thought you just had a heart for children. The dramas helped bring wonderful success to both of them. However, they both, along with the rest of the Big Brother aspirants, failed. But they all still had their hearts for children. Perhaps if you didnt have to listen to it, you might have just stayed home. Maybe you coulda gotten a girlfriend and had children of your own today. I guess Ive done a lot of thinking about why youre here today. Ive got some things I need to say to you. And you can change my mind, you know what I mean. Shit, Im scared all the fucking time. She was afraid I was going to become like those fucking perverts David Ogilvy and Mike Tuchman. I wish I could tell you that Im not like those people. Im scared of getting old and not being able to go out and have fun anymore like my mother. My father was scared of dying alone like my father. I cant tell you how terrified Ive been of dying. Im scared that Im a coward and a loser for being a fucking actor. Im scared that no matter how hard I try, I wont be able to make a living. Im afraid that all the money I make, all the success I have, will just be a shadow of the fortune I once had. Im afraid that all these celebrities I see before me, they havent even felt my fear like I have. You make me want to live again. You make me want to find the girl who will make me happy. The first thing I need to do, to make you understand me, my son, is just relax. Im here for you and if you go out and have fun, youll be alright, alright.

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