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Do yourself a favor and go read the obits. Read them and you will learn the most important things about life. You wake up, realize that you are pretty much naked, and then a familiar voice says, Damn, you had me there for a while. You look up and see a young, pretty woman standing behind you with her hand to her mouth. You were asleep when she showed up, but she had been lurking in the shadows in the bushes outside your room, so when she noticed you awake, she woke you up. The Mans LifeDeathMans life: There is no such thing. You are you, and everything that happens in your life is yours alone. You see it all the time in movies and on TV. The way you see it, you must not live the life of another. You choose to be a man and embrace your male identityThis is your manhood. The life you will live ends, and so does.

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