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The last time it even happened, it was pretty embarrassing. In case you missed it, here are some of the celebrities involved in this thing:Mark WahlbergDrakeJustin BieberBradley CooperTom CruiseNicole KidmanRihannaHalle BerryMila KunisKerry WashingtonSarah Michelle GellarSeth RogenKate HudsonMatthew McConaugheyIn short, this is like a celebrities are involved in a cult movie, except you are getting all the major stars involved. I mean that literally: I am a Scientology fanboy, and I am starting to think I might be a cult member myself. The thing is, I am pretty much immune to being swayed by celebrity opinions, but if Wahlberg and Cameron are both on board with this, Im a little more open to it. The day of reckoning comesI am still going to be a bit skeptical, mainly because I cant see any of these people ever saying anything like what the article claims them to be saying. Maybe I need to give them at least a day before I change my mind. I decide to take the day off from work, but keep my phone on all day. You continue your workI am going to continue working like Ive been doing. I dont have internet, and if I see that someone has posted something nasty, I take the day off from work anyway. Its a bit of a lifestyle change, but I figure itll help me focus on this project. You wake up and check your phone. There hasnt been anything to tweet and the article cant be that bad, so you dont get to work all that late. You see that your phone was sending a bunch of tweets at 1:30 in the morning, so you double check the article again. You get home at around 2:00 when everyone else is falling asleep, so you can see that you didnt miss anything interesting. You spend the time doing some work and checking your phone. Again, nothing is posting so you dont get to work all that late. The article is a little more positive than the last time you read it. You start to see that things are starting to change. You decide to take a look at the most recent article on your phone and you stop in your tracks. You dont see that one coming at all.

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