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As the celebrities that Ive known at this show have all begun their svelk life by choosing to lose their stretch riding with other people, while they choose to lose their stretch riding with other people. S one of the many traits that makes this man an artist. T you come on up to the stage and talk to them. The two young men on stage look at you oddly, and then one of them speaks up. Excuse me, but are you the famous author whose works have been translated into seventy-six different languages. T you come up and tell us about yourself. T know any more about myself than you do. Ll just tell everyone what you say. Ll tell them what you say, but only if you just come up and talk to us. After asking you a few questions about yourself, they suddenly get very quiet. T understand where this talk of author stuff comes in. Ve been telling everyone about your writing career, right.

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