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The music man who wrote one of The Rolling Stones albums, T. The leader of The Guess Who, the Sex Pistols, has declared his belief in the Conservatives. One of the first bands to break up in the 60s, The Ramones, has now all reunited. S new singer, John Lydon, has been encouraging him to do so. And finally, the singer of The Stooges, Chuck D has been campaigning for Labour. The election is now officially over and its obvious that this is a close one, which is why the celebrities, and in particular those in the entertainment industry, are speaking out. There seems to be a widespread sense of relief that the referendum result doesnt entail the return of Margaret Thatcherism. S a waste of time, and a waste of tax dollars. You decide to go home and have a quiet night rather than wasting any more time on this pointless exercise in futility. Re a liberal, and your opinions are worth a discussion, but voting is a waste of time and money. A year since the last general election, and you can see that the Conservatives have been holding on to their lead by playing on fears. T really been able to make any progress. You think about the last time you voted. S been years, but you vaguely remember. T have a real candidate running for President in your state.

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