Weve packed this months box with products that will help you get out …

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As always, this box will be filled with awesome products from the best brands. You choose a boxYouve saved up your money for this beauty box for months now so you know youre gonna get something amazing. The Favourite Beauty Products PackYou open up the box to find a box of products, some of which are in small clear plastic bags. Youve already tried all these products on occasion before so you know you like them. Also you have a secret skin crush on the product from the bag. ConditionerThe Body WashThe Body Lotionand The ToothpasteYou take all of these in your hands one by one and try them on to see what they feel, smell, look and taste like. The products feel nice on your skin, they feel fresh and a few are also made up of natural ingredients. You spend a bit of time trying these products on your face, you then feel your body feels smooth and softer after applying all these items. You spend some time rubbing your body as you feel it feels better after rubbing these items. You continue to rub your body and your face and your arms, legs and even your hands get longer and your fingers start to curl. You walk up to your boyfriend and push him onto the bed. He looks at you with a surprised expression, he gets off the bed as you grab his arm and push him into the wall. Then his eyes widen in surprise as he gasps and then falls to the chair between you and him. You quickly turn around and grab his head by the hair and pull. What are you doing, Im your girlfriend right. His eyes widen in shock as he doesnt answer and turns away, his head moving away from you as he quickly runs out of the room. You sigh and grab your handkerchief and wipe your face. You walk out of the room and down the stairs, back to the hallway. You quickly walk down the hall and out of the front door, back to your home. You walk InsideYou walk inside your house and you walk to the couch in the living room. You sit down on the couch and look at yourself in the mirror. You quickly look at yourself and see that your hair is messy and youre wearing a loose fitting shirt and loose fitting pants. You sigh and sit down on the sofa next to you mirror. You quickly turn round and close the door, you quickly get up and look at yourself in the mirror.

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