Wesley Cook Bentley, born Septem, is an American actor known for blockbusters and independent …

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By that time, all the actors had left the set. The rest of the crew had been evacuated by helicopter and the rest of the cast members cars were sitting in the lot waiting for the last of the actors to finish up there. The film production had been shut down for a month, and the remaining cast members had all been paid. Most of them stayed in Hollywood and had even bought homes there but some of them had returned to New York or went back to Texas. The director was gone and you were now the last one on the set. The other actors were all chatting and joking with each other like nothing had happened and you were the only one not saying a word. When you returned to your trailer, the trailers in the lot were empty and no one else had arrived. You checked your phone and all the messages were from other friends, your mother and some other people at least. A few minutes later a bright light illuminated the lot which was now illuminated too. It was only about midnight, so the stars were shining brightly. You heard a very loud noise, like an explosion. You stood in the dark for quite some time. It was like the noise was coming from everywhere and you could not see anything around you, but it seemed to come from above the lot. It was like the noise was coming from above you, too. You stood there in the dark for quite some time. You felt a pain in your chest like a stab wound. You felt a burning in your throat like you were choking.

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