Wendy Williams Cut This Habit From Her Morning Routine After Her Divorce

Today, there’s hardly a person alive who doesn’t at least know of Wendy Williams — whether it be for her feuds with other celebrities, gossip, controversial opinions, humor, or style. The truth is, Williams is not afraid to truly be herself, whether people like it or not, even if her genuine intent is to make her audience smile and laugh at what she has to say. 

Post-divorce, however, Williams has been fierce and unforgiving, refusing to let it label her as weak in any way. She also dropped a long-time habit she had grown accustomed to with her ex-husband as a way of moving forward with her life – which as it turns out, has worked out for the better. 

Williams talks about her show’s ratings

The Wendy Williams Show has seen its share of bad and good ratings, depending on the gossip and the extent of her controversial feuds. Since these are typically so important in the industry, Don Lemon went on to dig deeper in their discussion for Interview Magazine, asking how it has affected Williams in her day-to-day life.

Lemon pointed out that “ratings can make you paranoid. It’s like watching Twitter when you’re on the air. It’s not authentic because you start to change things that may not necessarily need changing. Maybe it’s just a bad day. Maybe someone with the ratings book is on vacation. You never know.”

“I know a lot of people who look at ratings obsessively,” Williams admitted to her long-time friend. “And that’s just not good.”

Checking ratings was a routine she dropped post-divorce

She also told Lemon, “When I was with my ex-husband, the ratings would be the first thing I saw every morning. He looked at them when I was taking off my street clothes to get ready for a fitting. He’d put the TV on mute and say, ‘Wow, you did really good today. This is a reason to celebrate. Do you want to go out for dinner?’”

The TV show star added, “And then other days, it’d be really bad. I don’t know any rhyme or reason for the ratings, and I no longer look at them. I just look ahead, do the show, and keep going.”

In a discussion of her relationship and divorce with Kevin Hunter and bringing her private life into the public, Williams explained to Interview Magazine that it was by no means easy, but she has always been authentically herself:

“When we were married, I was very happy. But I had to make sure that when he and I divorced, my life wouldn’t suffer because if my life suffered, then that meant my son’s life would suffer, too … I loved Kevin, and he loved me, but I was probably too much for him.”

She added that although she’s “disappointed in him,” the bad wrinkles aren’t worth the trouble. 

‘The Wendy Williams Show’ and her long-time running

A range of topics have been discussed on The Wendy Williams show — from celebrity gossip and interviews to fashion, beauty, and the most notable categories, of course: Hot Topics and Ask Wendy. The TV talk show has been on small screens since Williams made her TV debut in mid-2018, and it has done nothing but grow immensely in success since.

Despite its typical controversy and the tole of Williams’ very public divorce, Williams’ show remains in good standing, bringing in the hottest celebrities to spill the tea and including all the sass and honesty the host can muster. 

As Williams said about her show, she doesn’t go digging through celebrity trash to get the ‘Hot Topics,’ but “if you do put it out there, then we’re going to dissect it and talk about it” on The Wendy William Show.

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