Well, maybe you should, but while youre crying watching, whip up a beauty …

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It almost seems like it was a trap set up by Bobby to make you feel better. T all bad because he was right about you before. Do you think you could get your mom to stop talking about you in the same way, honey. You find that you can still do mundane tasks like taking pictures without too much problem. S only when you start talking about yourself, you suddenly find yourself not being able to. S starting to make you feel a bit weird. T feel like you look all that different, besides the fact that you look a little paler even though you know the real reason is because Bobby made you use some of his face creams and lotions. T help but wonder if this is all a bad dream and Bobby is going to wake up and find you here. T be exposed to too much dirt and germs. That might explain why they made you use such natural products in the first place. You look in the mirror and you see that your skin is even paler than when you came in.

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