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Sure, head on out to the back garden and through the front gate. As you walk out the front gate, you see a huge crowd of people outside. You dont know how to react, so you simply stand there in shock. You turn to look at Heather, whos walking past, looking surprised as well, as she doesnt usually get this many people outside without anybody seeing her. The people outside are looking really pleased with themselves. Theyre all dressed up in fancy clothing and holding giant banners with slogans written on them. From your vantage point, it doesnt seem too out of the ordinary. The people have been celebrating for a long time, and Im here to celebrate it for you. As Heather starts talking, you can see that her speech has taken a turn for the worse. We need to have some food, water and medicine. You know where to find those things, right. Down the road just past the church is the supermarket. It does sell food, but it also sells various other things. How you live your life truly matters. Wait a minute, youre going to sell fucking food and water. How are you going to support this stupid rebellion and the whole fucking American government. They also need to get help, because the future were seeing is not looking good. Look at it this way, if people are happy and have some hope and some faith in their country, then their morale is definitely going to be higher. Ll make their leaders do the right thing. The only thing you think is right is selling us stuff, you say.

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