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You dont get a roseYou decide you probably should get a rose as an engagement gift, but the thought that youre really going to have to give one to your fiancee makes you not want to do it as much as you would like to. However, you decide that youre not going to feel a strong negative feeling about the idea of giving a rose to your fiancee even if they are from a shop that gives you a negative feeling, and you figure you might get a rose as a wedding gift later. You decide that youre going to find out more about them anyway, and give one along with a check out date thats two days from today. You look just like him, thats so cute. The human woman looks really old, and almost like shes dying. Her clothing looks like shes probably a tailor or a housewife, or maybe a nanny. You cant tell from the clothing, not that youd want to. Its like you were made just for each other. I cant believe youre giving me a rose, the human man says. My human heart may be dead, but my soul is still in good working condition. He puts the rose in his pocket before continuing. As I said, you must both be so lucky to be together, I am truly in awe. And Im going to keep this simple: you are both the most beautiful women in the world and you both deserve to be married. I dont know about lucky or most or wedding or most bride or bridegroom or most or whatever else you want to call it, but I can promise you that whoever you marry this day is going to be the most happy they will ever be. I want to marry you both so much that Im going to tell everyone youre married. Ill let you choose your future husband, my love. You really are such a good girl, and I can make it so your future husband will be the most happy person in the world. I know what I want and Ill find my way to it, just like I always do. The human woman and the human mans wedding dayThe human woman smiles with a warm smile.

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