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Remember, We only give you thisBeauty Quiz to save our saves. -TheGlam Bag GeeksWow, you actually know a few of the brands on this list. You never knew there were so many makeup and beauty products so far away from Glam Bags or beauty products in general. T actually a bag but rather a small suitcase that you could use as such. S kind of a gimmick though to have you take this luggage with you. T have enough room in your actual bag. Re going to go find a glam bag store first. You go to the nearest glam bag store which is a few blocks away from the park and that is when you realize just how far away the park is. You guess it would take a few hours to get there, but if you went as soon as you got there, you could still get there before the sun set. When you enter the glam bag store, you see a large number of people waiting behind glass doors. You also see a lot of glam bag themed products. On the counter you see shelves that feature glam bags and more products, all labelled in alphabetical order. Re actually having a much harder time than you thought. You quickly come across a few glam bag related clothing items on the shelves. T like you have anything better to do. T been around for a bit you figured this would be a good opportunity. Re all alone and make your way to the nearest tree. The first thing that catches your eye is the pretty girl playing her ukulele in the grass. S a very pretty ukulele you got there. You ask as you pick her up. The girl turns around and her eyes light up.

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