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S a list that would probably be complete with a lot more than just a few names by now. The list is in some sort of spreadsheet somewhere with lots of numbers and columns for each name in the office. D really rather not risk messing around with it. T remember everyone, can we at least make a rough idea of who we might be dealing with. Donna nods and goes over to one of the empty desks in the room that is currently empty of people. Donna remarks and proceeds to point at some of the obvious ones. T see why Kelly Brook has to be involved. S just one of a few celebrities that have approached us for interviews over the years. Ve even been known to go along with it for them sometimes. S worked for me on more than one occasion. T continue, I just think you should be cautious. Besides, all these celebrities are all family now and have their own kids and stuff. S not even happening for me, who the hell was I to.

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