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Were invaluable in this field, and I was able to progress within the industry faster than I could otherwise. I left school when I turned 19, to join my fathers company and worked my way up to become a journeyman artist. I loved the job, but also longed to study for my Bar Exam. T pass, and I wanted to do that as quickly as possible. So I took on a part-time job at a hair salon to save money. I also felt more valuable when working at the business, and the salon always took me, because I was working and it was more than just making money. My mother was actually proud of my decision. So you see, my mom and I are different; she supports me all through my life. M sure my opinion will come in handy. M going to talk to you in a little bit. You then exit the room, going to the bathroom to try to think about what to tell Jessica as you do so. You think about that little girl that you saw talking to a little girl in the bathroom. You think about that little girl as she leaves the bathroom, and you think about all the little girls you know that are probably suffering in the same way that her do, and who are probably going through the same sorts of feelings that this little girl does. You then think about your own sister, Julie. S always mad at Julie especially when Julie tries to talk to her. You shake your head once more.

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