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M not sure what to do about your car. Do you have any spare car parts. If only there was one thing that could make all the pain and suffering at the hotel worth it. You try to get it working againYou pull the radio out of the car and put it inside the hotel room. S radio without having to actually have the radio in the vehicle itself. You might be able to call your parents again. It certainly would be helpful to tell them what happened if you went into more detail. Re not sure about the best way to do it. You go back to bed with your radio. You spend the rest of the time in the hotel trying to come up with a solution, which of course consists of nothing. It would be easy enough to go look for a radio in the vehicle and try that. Unfortunately your vehicle is being towed anyway so who knows how long that would take. T have the gas to get back and forth from the hotel and the airport. You also have no idea what time it might be like outside. So you have no other choice but to do nothing. Maybe you can get the radio back on by tomorrow morning. T bother trying to get the radio workingYou get the radio out of the car and put it in the hotel room. Re going to bother doing anything you should at least do it right. S the only bright thing in the room so why not.

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