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You wait quietly for the rest of the children to disappear out the door. You dont want to risk leaving them in the living room with you now, lest they come out and try to get you. Lets see who wins, the man says, and with that action hes at the door and you find yourself holding the doorknob, staring at the man on the other side. Hes tall and muscular, clean-shaved and in his late thirties. He looks like a real man, not like one of those plastic toy soldiers that you used to play with as a kid. He wears simple clothing-a dark suit, blue dress shirt, and a tie-and you recognize him instantly as the one whos been ranting outside. You ask, not wanting to waste time on pleasantries. Shes a beautiful girl, you know, the man says. She was always the only girl, so why the hell is she a princess. You know, this just might be the first time youve ever met somebody whos actually an actual person. Like, not just a comic from a comic book. He steps backwards, as if to get out of your way. The man just stares at you with his hands pressed to his face, and it takes you a minute to realize that hes crying. You take a breath, exhaling to get rid of your fear and get your breathing under control. Sure, you say, hoping that youre not putting yourself in the same position as he was. You step towards the door, slowly opening it. The man turns to you, and youre so surprised that you dont even react in time. The man grabs your shoulders, pulling you into his arms and kissing you. You dont know how long hes been doing this, or how much time youre actually in, but you dont care. You let go of the door, and try to get away, but he doesnt let you, holding you close to him. At first you think youve done something wrong, but before you can stop him, the man has already released you and is kissing.

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