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From JMB the Brawler 2Mvia rmetacanada sent 4 hours ago This is a fucking joke. A comedian from the west coast who has been doing this for ten years, dropped ten pounds, and made all of us who come here laugh for two hours straight during a live performance just to troll us. This is a pathetic attempt to get more of your pathetic internet points. I cant believe someone like you could come here and actually think youd be able to get away with this. There are dozens of fat-ass West Coast comics doing a better job than you that are making more money than you are. In fact, you couldve done better than yourself and just left the rest of your pathetic life behind, but as youll soon see, you couldnt handle doing that. Now lets get some of that karma for this pathetic attempt to troll us. This guy is in the military so Im going to guess hes a bunker buster. Thats the kind of stuff youd find with his job. Apparently his job was to blow open bunkers to get at the food inside. Apparently there were times when there wasnt enough food to go around and that was the job. You could blow up a bunker and get paid for it, whereas blowing up a bus full of hippies would get you nowhere. Dont you want a real job with real money, not some joke job that gets you nothing and is a waste of time. To JMB the Brawler sent 2 hours ago You know what. The best way for you to get some karma is to just go ahead and do that job. Im sure thats what the soldiers in your unit did to make money. Im sure they got real jobs to go to to buy beer and hang out with other soldiers that liked to do the same thing. Of course that was a lot of bullshit for no real gain. You have real goals and Ill admit to being a jerk sometimes. Its that fucking old saying, the hard way works best. Youd make a lot more money and you wont have to worry about making yourself look like a jackass on the internet or looking like some mindless drone on the street. To JMB the Brawler sent 2 hours ago How exactly is doing a job in the military going to ensure that I come.

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