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But you know theres only one answer: BeautyYou take a deep breath. The door opens and the figure strides into the room. There is nothing sinister about it, just a small, sickly, emaciated creature. It walks into the center of the room, then looks around. No, but you look like one. You have only what your body can give you. A soul can only come from somewhere else. Youre taking me to some weird movie. He wants to tell you the story of Beauty and the Beast. He can tell you all he wants about my human life. The figure walks towards the TV and takes the remote from the couch. The remote is a black box, like a typewriter, but with an eye on the top, like a camera. He presses play as the movie begins, and a long black tunnel leads outside. The darkness is black and cold, and the monster knows, deep down, that this is all his punishment. Every minute of the day, you hear the monsters laughter. His laughter is the sound of your soul being torn asunder. Every day, you feel one more pain or ache or ache, until one day, everything hurts too much to bear. You have had it with this pain, this aches, this pains that you know cannot end. The pain and aches and aches are more than you can bear.

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