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Previous Chapter Table of Contents Next PartMy Wife is a Beautiful CEOChapter 199-1: Not a Godlike BeingSupport the translator by reading My Wife is a Beautiful CEO on volarenovels. Liu Qi became emotional as she called out. The moment he answered, Liu Qi revealed a happy expression. I got lost yesterday on my way back homeLiu Qi was a bit emotional. Boss, please can you bring me back home. Of course not, I already walked around for a bit when I got here. You did know where the bathroom is in your own dorm. Yeah, I didYe Zichen looked at Liu Qis face and shook his head again. Fine, Ill do itYe Zichen quickly got up and walked out while holding his hands in front of him. She quickly ran over to you and hugged you from behind, which caused you to cry even harder. Ye Zichen wiped his tears and then responded with a smile. Ill definitely get home with you today. Liu Qi hugged you again and then smiled, Thank you for helping me, now lets go homeOkayLiu Qi walked off in the direction of campus. You smiled and then continued to walk towards your dorm. At this moment, you suddenly realized that you left your room as a.

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