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The short is only 10 minutes long, but it tells the story of Belle being tricked into living in a castle and having to fight against the Beast. This is a somewhat interesting tale, but it only has a 10 chance of being true. You see, I dont know what this movie is all about, it has only one rating on IMDB, 4. That being said, it has a lot of character, as you would expect from Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise, and it is a very nice story. The short actually opens with Belle and her friend, a boy from the village, talking. The young girl is talking about how she wants to find her Prince Charming. He is not only talking about his physical beauty, but with his face as well. Belle at this point thinks she knows him, but doesnt and the pair of them just continue to talk. Then there is a cut to the scene of the Beast walking into a castle. He doesnt even say anything, he just makes some loud animal noises, which of course wake the villagers up out of their sleep. The Beast walks through some rooms and sees some pretty women, some of them dressed in regal looking clothing. The Beast also sees two women sitting nearby as well. One of them is dressed in more of a maid outfit and the other isnt. Instead of a man, her dress looks more like that of a princess or perhaps a fairy. The Beast continues walking and gets to the door of one of the rooms when he suddenly hears a strange noise. The Beast then finds himself in a room full of mirrors. Belle then walks in on him and then the laughter starts again. The Beast immediately runs from the room and runs to another one where another woman is sitting with her back to the wall. She sees that it leads into another room, but when she looks outside of the window in.

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