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Plus, there isnt a thing you can do when it comes to The Wings. They are like a big ass nap pill. TheWorldneeds You, You start WORKINGTHEJOBYou go find one of the most prominent and controversial celebrities working today, Jennifer Lawrence, The Girl with The DarkShirt. Jennifer, I need you at my movieYou find Jennifer Lawrence working at another movie location. Hey Jennifer, whats going on, wheres my job at. You think about it for a moment, you think if its anything the job at Wings are going to be, shed love to work there, so you decide to work on the job. Right, the job Im going to be is working on a huge television show that the Director of Public Affairs is very excited about. I dont know, Director of Public Affairs wouldnt tell me, so I dont know what its about either. You continue with the job-hunt until you find Jennifer Lawrences car again. You call out from the car, Jennifer you know you need to do something about those wings, now. Jennifer Lawrence looks out of the car for a moment and looks at you, you think your voice gets across just how serious you are, but then Jennifer Lawrence stops her car. Ill do something about that Jennifer Lawrence says. The Wing Guy makes these things all the time, he should make them right you thought about taking this as a serious tone from Jennifer Lawrence who you thought was joking of course, but you knew Jennifer Lawrence was serious in her commitment, so you continued to your next job and after a few weeks, Jen-Lawrences wing thing was gone. This incident was a little unsettling for you, you felt like your whole life changed because of it. My old job is dead, what should I do. For you, this would mean your entire life. You think about your whole life, and try to remember some things: You were born in 1971You think about your past life, and try to.

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