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You sign up for the boxYouve been following this beauty box craze religiously for the past several years, so youve put a lot of thought into it. You decide that the beauty box will be just that, a box of samples for new cosmetics. It wont offer the same level of products that a Sephora store offers, but it will give you a chance to try products that maybe you wouldnt have gotten otherwise and if you like them, youll be able to get them later. You sign upYou sign up and start the process. Walmart opens up the box and you get to try the products. As you put money on the counter, The beauty box is beautiful. Its all around you, but its not made of gold. The packaging is gold too, not just the product inside, but the box as well. You spend the next few months trying on pretty much everything in the box. You buy and try on makeup, skincare, fragrances, fragrant candles, bath bombs, lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, nail polish, brushes and more, but the beauty box is a little too expensive for you. The box of samples you get for the same price as the full retail beauty box is too much. You sign up for another beauty box. You Signing Up For Another BoxAfter the completion of this box, you sign up for the next, and another. Walmart provides a lot of products for this beauty box craze and you get to try many. Its the most expensive box youve ever participated in, and youve had enough. You dont want to waste your money. You are tired of paying for beauty products that you dont want to use. You dont want to have to wear expensive makeup or use expensive products even if its an inexpensive box. You want inexpensive and natural beauty products. You want to save money by using beauty products that you can find in the dollar aisle at the grocery store. Youve put countless hours into this hobby, and you deserve to be able to put as much time and effort into your finances. You end of the gameWalmart provides a lot of products for this beauty box craze. You sign onYou sign on for the next box.

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