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NextI need to go to the post office where I usually send the packages on Mondays. I am looking forward to going to the post office for several reasons: You will be bored to death You are going with your significant other, not me I can easily pick out which packages to open You will make it through the day without crying You dont have to watch me pack my bags, its boring enough as is You still have free time till morning You dont have to get up to shower because its a cool breeze You wont have to run after me when you return home and I will be waiting for youThe reality is that I am a very picky person. There are also some packages that I need to wait for one more day to get on the list. I want to see if I can give you something other than just my undying love. You can watch TV for 1 hourThe television shows that are played on Monday nights are mostly boring stuff. I dont need to spend hours and hours of my day watching stuff on TV. You can read the newspaper for 1 hourI cant do that either. My grade level is too low for it, not to mention the newspaper, for that time. You can drive my car for 1 hourWhy not. Ill bring the car back here and you can play with it. You can read a book for 1 hourNo, I think Im over that. No matter how much I may want to read a book to you, I find that I just dont have the time. You can watch movies for 1 hourThats fine too. You can watch videos for 1 hourThat sounds like a waste of time. I dont want to watch things that I wont see again anyway. You can draw for 1 hourI have no drawing skills left. You can paint for 1 hourI cant do that either. I have to finish my exam on Monday and Ill be too tired to paint today. You can do something else for 1 hour. You want to clean my room and Ill help you. You can get my mom to help. After what happened with me and my mom, I still dont.

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