Voting closed at 2 Billy Graham – DIED February 21…

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Voting closed at 12 Jon Sopko – DIED September 22. Voting closed at 16 Ron Paul – DIED May 28. Voting closed at 20 John Stewart – DIED January 10. S just another reminder to not get too attached. S apparent the only thing waiting is each one of their families. S no secret there has been a lot going on and the whole world changes on a daily basis. One by one they say their goodbyes with all appearing to be genuinely glad to see each other again. Even the old couple from last year is there, a little surprised to see John and Helen. They must have been planning on getting married for quite some time, if not years. As a couple they are still cute and pretty, but there is a difference between them now; Helen is in a better physical condition, having lost a lot of weight and gained more of a physical presence. T take herself too seriously all the time anymore. S why she married John in the first place. S not the only weight loss success story, John is joined by his daughters Katie and Jessica who both look wonderful after getting their boobs removed and their cellulite filled asses eaten. They also look like a modern day equivalent of their mom in that respect. T miss a beat and goes right back to his rambling, which you know is mostly about politics and not really about the family anymore. S entertaining a little more conversation this campaign season. After all the shouting and the commercials are over, you sit back and relax.

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