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Rating, Great You leaveYoure too bored to read any more reviews and decide to leave. You have only one wish and that is to be put in a zoo so you leave your house. You continue to walk down the street you finally get to the zoo and enter where you see a big empty cage with a single man inside. I would like to be put in your cage you reply. Well then I guess Ill do my part and try to figure out what youre about to ask me you think about what to say and then speak. The cage opens and the man stands up, he looks at you and then at the cage and then back at you. Im afraid Im not sure if you have the right form for me. Im afraid youre going to have to change first. The man runs away from you through tunnels in the earth and you must dodge a few hungry and angry wild animals. By the time you reach a large circular room with five metal bars, the man is staring at you. I think you might want to see a doctor with this first the man replies. You walk through several more metal bars and finally see a large man with a beard, a white long coat, a silver ring on his finger and a large briefcase. He has a large black book hanging from his hands. You can, but youll need to pay one hundred thousand dollarsI cant afford that, I. Well, you can buy one of my books on the business side of things, which will provide some information on how to make money, but I have to give you free access to the first one for a couple of days before I can sell it at a huge profitYou look at the book and notice its a collection of articles about different businesses. The mans briefcase opens up and you are handed a gold coin which the man takes. You stand there for a few moments trying to find out the mans name.

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