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You feel a touch of heat going up your spine as you remember the hot, sticky, sticky feeling of that very same foot rub. You look down at your sweaty, sun burned feet and you feel a bit sick. You try to ignore it and think about the important task of cleaning your room and making yourself feel better. And then you remember youre not in the middle of class anymore, youre not feeling any better, and now its time to go back to class. You look at the clock and realize that its still too early to go back to class. You walk over to the sink to wash your hands and you grab a towel from the rack and wrap it around you. Once youre finished scrubbing you step back and notice that youre sweating again. While youre sure that the suns going to be up for awhile, today is a day off for you. The sun is starting to set and you decide that youll start seeing some people leave for the day. You take a long time to wash your handsYou figure you dont really have time to walk back to class, especially since theyre leaving soon. You figure youll wait a little while longer to wash your hands and see how that feels. You walk back to your room and grab a washcloth from the bathroom cabinet. While youve never really liked the feel of soap on your skin, its nice to be able to wipe off a bit without having to worry about the smell. You run to the sink and you start scrubbing, trying to wash off as much of the mud and sludge on your hands as you possibly can. You do this for about five minutes when you really feel something else. The room starts to feel tight with emotion again. A feeling that you cant quite put a name to. You walk back to your room and youre surprised to find that your hair is completely coated with a thick film of mud. Its like a thick, muck coating but for your hair. In fact, you cant even feel the ends of your hair when you sweep up the mud. You have to touch your hair to your hand to even know that its there. Youre still sweating profusely when you realize that your mind is flooded with emotions and youve got a lot of energy to spare. Youre going to need it, because even though youre going to be home after class youve got class on at least two days in a row. You dont want to leave your room, so you decide that youre going to leave it all out and clean yourself up in the shower. You walk into the bathroom and turn the faucet on, which instantly creates a nice cool stream of water. You walk out of the bathroom and close the door.

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