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You like the movies, the music, the characters and the plot and the direction, although you have a couple of niggling quibbles with it. For one, as you know, the original film was written by a bunch of guys and they did it best they could, not to mention as we all know, Hollywood is known for making the second-rate films because its expensive to make. There are no A-list stars unless you count Nicolas Cage, but the movie was not about Nicolas Cage, it was about a family, and it was about a husband. T A, but its in the ballpark of I can watch it now. Took me on a nice relaxing journey in my head. Now I can listen to it on my commute and relax on the way home. I actually got to thinking if our President were actually a man, would he be as good an agent. A man who could save and rescue us from our worst crises without getting too attached to them. A man who was able to understand human nature and his subordinates on a much deeper level than we can even comprehend. A man who understood that he is a tool and is merely serving. The film does an excellent job of making you believe that you might be a better person than you are, but it is the last 10 that makes the film so sad to watch. At the very end, the woman he loves tells him that he needs to come home, that he needs to take care of her and that the country needs him here. T believe my eyes when this scene occurred to me, I saw myself in the protagonist. Someone who is not only good without any superpowers, but who is also pure in soul. A man like that never happens and this man is the reason why. This movie is the greatest and greatest movies only have one good line. The entire movie is just the best movie, every bit of it; I can give it a 10 if not a 10,000 if the ending was better. I thought everyone liked this movie, the last 10 just made me sad.

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