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Sincerely,The Customer Care TeamShe tries to reach you again, but no one answers the phone. You hang up and think about writing to the company to complain, but you are only a few weeks out from your deadline and the company might not be responsive anyway. You have been doing this business for years, and you would hate to make a hasty decision, especially with your best friend out of the picture. You hang up your phoneYou keep the phone on but do not answer it. You spend the next few minutes watching TV and reading. Nothing really, thanks for getting me this far. You hang up and try your phone again. You do not answer right away, you are more concerned about the noise that can be heard coming from the living room. Someone on the other end of the line is a high pitched male voice. She left on a trip to California, I think to visit her parents. It was supposed to be my birthday yesterday, but I never got to go to the party. It reads:Hey, your birthdays coming up soon. I know you probably dont have any time to spend with your friends, but if you could maybe pick up a gift from the garage door. I have a bunch of stuff that isnt mine that will probably be gone in a month or so. It would really mean a lot if you could pick some stuff. You think about who this person could be and your aunt would not have sent messages like this to you.

Information about Jenny beauty supply hours