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You leave the bar and walk to the bus stop in the darkWhen the bus arrives, you take a deep breath and take a seat with your friends. You notice a few people standing in the distance, but nobody in particular approaches you. You wait until you feel safe enough and slowly creep towards the trees in the distance. As you watch the dimly lit trees, you begin to see something out of the corner of your eye. Its hard to even make out in the darkness, but a figure emerges from one of the trees and walks towards the bus stop. You hesitate to approach, but when it gets closer, youre certain that she must be the owner of this bar, and you rush forward to get a better look. I hope you like my new cut. She holds up her hand in a greeting gesture and then places a glass of water in front of you, which is the most beautiful thing youve ever seen. You take a drink and then take the glass back. Oh, youre a pretty man, arent you. Thank you, She says, but it feels like a rehearsed line. Oh, yes, I am, You tell her, and then you notice shes staring at you with a look of lust in her eyes. You quickly grab the glass of water in front of you and drink it down. Then you look at her and your stomach flips. Something dark is settling in your stomach and the darkness is growing and growing. You look away from her and look at the forestYou look away from her and look at the forest. Its a dark and dark forest, but the stars are still bright in the sky, and the moon is shining bright on the ground, bright enough to make your eyes water. You take a deep breath and feel your heart beating even faster as something is deeply wrong. You look at the starsYou look up at the sky and see a rainbow floating through the sky. Its so beautiful that it brings joy to your eyes. You look up and see the stars that dominate the sky, their bright bodies glimmering in the dark sky. Youve never dreamed that you could fall in love with the stars, but you do. Its a beautiful night, and youre very happy to be alive.

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