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He should find the woman by the end, 2017. A beautiful young lady, shes not so bad after all. You seem pretty strange, however, I can never believe youre just some human being. Why can you see no beauty in me. Youre just ansomething to make the people in power happy. Something to make something to make something to make something to makeI want everything about you. The Princess: You can be anything you want, Prince. Ill just be the monster thats haunting this world. You want to go to your little hidey-hole. It wasnt so much that his voice was deep, but instead it seemed like he was telling you to go into that little hidey-hole. As dark as this room was, you were pretty sure that you could hear other people. Either way, the sooner you started the better. You were about to follow the voice, when you heard a familiar voice again behind you. It was a strange one, one you didnt think youd remember from so many years ago. But it was the voice of Mom, the voice of the person you were supposed to be living for. Was it because you were living for her, that you forgot that you were living for anything. You felt like you were in a trance. The entire room seemed to shift as you were inside of Moms mind. The walls seemed to open up as if letting you peek in. The floor seemed to lower as you were moving through it and soon you were looking at a bright green lawn. There were stars out, but they seemed too bright. Then suddenly you saw yourself from the back. You saw yourself in a hospital bed, with Mom standing behind you. You could see the doctors looking at you and moving their instruments, as they carefully moved you out of your mothers way.

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