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I like all this, but I think I need to play a little more and be on more shows to learn more. Everyone thinks your voice is really cute and is impressed with your talent. Everyone seems to take notice of your beauty, as well as that of the other contestants. Re pretty sure at one point you got a couple of kisses on the cheek because of your beauty. Ve never been one to give up. As the day gets closer things start to get more competitive. S lip sync is not the most exciting, but it is the most fun. Everyone else begins shouting congratulations and hugging you even more than usual. Re feeling a lot of emotions at the same time. Re not going to have to make new friends. You still remember being in a circus when you were little, and it seems to you a little like that one time when you performed for these people. You always think about how much fun you had in the circus as you listen to the other contestants talk about their wonderful days in performing. Soon after your performance, everyone leaves the club and you end up meeting your boyfriend for the first time.

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