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S new to me too, just as a lot of stuff is new to you. S your new Allure Beauty box. M not exactly expecting you to have what you really want. S up to you, I just thought it might be fun to give it to you now. Ll look through it and make your decision. T they already give you the chance to get any cosmetic you want in the new beauty box. D given that away years ago, but I guess I overlooked it. Ll give you the box and you can go through your choices. You open up the box and start opening up the products. You open up the lip gloss first. S definitely not going to give you what you were looking for. Ll at least keep you occupied with something. You grab a few of the red and green lipsticks and a few of the pastels and decide to go with more of a neutrals. Re doing that, you start to hear the buzz of other people coming down the stairs. You then see several bags being carried in. M still trying out the new box. M thinking this is it for now until I can figure out how much I really want to spend. M telling you, this place could easily double as a carnival. You look around and see all the rooms are big enough to house a circus.

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