VolunteerThe Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch is a world-renowned animal sanctuary in Murchison, …

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The next two comments are from other users who are apparently unaware of the controversy surrounding the Amory Family, with the post currently sitting at only a few hundred likes. This is just the start; when you get a few hundred likes, you can really start getting into the swing of things. And who knows, maybe youll actually make friends with some of the people who comment on your posts. Maybe youll even make a few new ones. You post a link to the storyYou decide to link to the article and get the ball rolling. As of now more than 6,000 comments have been made. The people of Cleveland, Texas have decided to get rid of the homeless in Cleveland, and have turned their community into a big homeless shelter. In the past few days, a mob of people have been descending on the small Texas town in an effort to take the homeless away from the town and into the woods. People have been camping out for weeks in order to be near a Walmart where their bags are checked before being allowed into the store. The homeless have been complaining about the campers smell, garbage and general roughness, and the town council has just started kicking them out one by one. According to one of the people in the camp, This is getting out of hand. Its obvious that this is just more justice for the few who have been complaining about things all along. For example, an article I wrote about Dirty Walmart Bucks being used as a drug deal in order to buy guns in the past This kind of thing has been going on for decades, and it wont be getting any better with more tough on crime legislation. The problem is, this is all being funded with your hard earned tax dollars. And if you do nothing, its not going to stop. A few years ago I had to deal with another one of these tough on crime measures. A couple of the children from a nearby town were convicted of stealing a trailer from a military family. It was their birthday so they were let out a couple days early in a free birthday party. Of course, the mother of the army family was in no mood to be treated like this. Not only did she not give them a free birthday, she threatened to call the police on them. So, they tried to go on a free speech rampage, but it was stopped by their parents and a large group of community members that showed up.

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