Victoria Beckham says her Spice Girls audition was ‘so wrong’

Mel C details clash with Victoria Beckham at BRIT Awards in 1996

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Victoria Beckham said in a new interview that she was convinced she had blown her audition for the Spice Girls after feeling that her tryout for a place in the iconic girl group was “so wrong”.

She said: “Everybody was singing Madonna or pop songs. I came from a musical theatre background and stood up and sang a song from Cabaret.

“I sang Mein Herr, so while everybody else was singing Madonna, I was singing Mein Herr. It was so theatrical and so wrong for what it was.”

However, Victoria added that choosing the song may have helped her stand out from the crowd and land her a place in the band.

She added on the Armchair Expert podcast: “It obviously got their attention because they saw something in me; God knows what it was.

“I look back at those early videos and I’m like, wow, what did they see because I was pretty average.”

The Wannabe singer said that growing up the hit movie Fame was the inspiration for her to pursue a career in performing.

The designer admitted that she was obsessed with the hit musical and TV show that aired when she was a child and even had merchandised clothes from the show.

She said: “I didn’t just want to be a performer, I wanted to jump on a cab and move to New York. I was obsessed with Fame. I had like a velvet red tracksuit that had ‘Fame’ embroidered on it.”

The star also admitted that success hasn’t come easy for her and that she has always had to work hard at everything she does.

She continued: “I always knew I wasn’t the best at everything and to be honest with you I don’t know how I did show up to auditions.

“I used to audition for a lot of things, I probably remember the audition for Cats the Musical the most.

“I mean I used to turn up every time when there was a casting call for that show and I was kicked out every single time.”


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She added: “I don’t know what kept me going. I had a vision, I had a dream and I was never gonna let that go.

“Every time I got turned away I just picked myself up and went for another one, it was always about being honest and working hard.”

Victoria also admitted that she felt she was never the most talented performer but knew that to get the success she dreamed of, she had to work really hard at it.

She also described herself as a little bit of a “misfit” who made the best of what she had.

Victoria also detailed how the group came together and said that fellow Spice Girls: Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, Mel B, and Mel C were all very different but worked well and complemented each other.

The star also stated that the personas that each band member had were not put on them by their then-management.

She said: “Even though we were put together, nobody put those characters on us so I always looked that way.

“I was the one that was always in the little black dress and the brown bob. Emma, when I first met her she had little blonde pigtails and a little white dress on, so we were all the characters.

“We just worked together individually, we may have been a bit misfitty but together we work well.”

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