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You have no intention of going to his beauty school, despite its name and the fact that he is supposedly a teacher. He is a con man, a snake oil salesman, a fraud and a jackass. A jackass that you were willing to pay good money to be rid of. Instead, you go to Vic Candy School. Its a place that sells expensive candy and flowers, which you are willing to pay a lot to see. It is a place that has a lot of positive things to say about Vic and her friends. Once again, it is a scam that you are willing to participate in. You go to see the manager, who is standing there with flowers in his hands, and a large, gold wallet in his hand. He tells you to come here and spend a lot of money there. You tell him you will spend the money on flowers, because what harm can it do. Then the manager asks if you would like to see some diamonds. While you arent entirely sure what this diamond exchange is all about, you are willing to give him the money for the flowers anyway. As you are about to give him your money, he stops you. Look, these flowers are expensive as fuck, but I wouldnt mind it if you just spent your money on flowers. You are speechless, as he starts to speak to you about something else. You didnt know flowers were so expensive. It just goes to prove that the man is a scammer, and you will be skipping his place of business all together. The store itself is filled with cheap merchandise, as it isnt until you go in full-blown with flowers and diamonds in your pocket, that you realize you paid a good price for your flowers at all. The manager tries to get you to give money to a woman who he claims to be Vics friend, but as youre not going to, you refuse to go over there. You eventually leave, and you dont feel too bad about it, in fact you feel more so as if you won. The man is probably a con man, but he was giving you a good deal, and he may have been a diamond snatcher, but he was getting one good price. This is what you get for taking a chance on something new. THE ENDThere are other ways to play this game, but it would take too long to explain them all here and thats not going to happen. If you are really feeling adventurous, you can always go to a black market shop and look around. You dont go black market shoppin.

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