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ComThe Disney Afternoon You watch Sleeping BeautyYour eyes are closed and your mind is in bliss as you sleep,As the sun is rising, and in the night sky a star is twinkling,Youll dream of those who once lived,Who once were beautiful. We all once lived beautiful lives;We all once were beautiful;One by one our beautiful lives came to an end. The beauty that once was ours,Is now in the hands of those who would take it away. A former National Security Agency employee is set to go on trial in October in New York alleging that he leaked top secret internal spying documents to a newspaper. The government says that Edward Snowden is the traitor who stole some of those papers. Snowden is currently wanted on espionage charges in the United States after he told New York Times reporter Glenn Greenwald that the British and the NSA spied on his communications at a Hong Kong hotel in June 2013. Snowden claims that he didnt leak the documents to Greenwald. The government charges that Snowden caused, authorized, or materially supported the intentional theft of classified information. The details are outlined in an 80-page indictment filed last month. The Guardians Glenn Greenwald, however, says he is confident that no one in the U. Government is working with Snowden, who worked at the NSA for the past two years as a contractor for Booz Allen Hamilton before he blew the whistle on its spying efforts to journalists. Snowden, so far as we know for certain, that is known to the American public. It is an adversarial relationship that I dont anticipate will be resolved any time soon, and I cant predict whether it will, Greenwald told ABC News Martha Raddatz on This Week Sunday. Glenn GreenwaldGreenwald added that if they had any shred of integrity or respect for an American citizen who was a whistleblower. Greenwald also noted that when the government says Snowden sold government property, Greenwald is sure that there is a mistake because Snowden didnt sell any classified documents. He disclosed no highly classified information. He disclosed no NSA systems that were hacked. He disclosed no information that would have prevented any attack, Greenwald said. He added that he has never met Snowden, who appears to be a.

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