Velvet jacket has metallic gold braid edging, white lace …

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Jpg alt-Velvet JacketVelvet Jacket You pull out a black one-piece in the shade and put it back, then pull out a small black one-piece with a hoodie and put it on. A black leotard and a red jacket and the rest of you is a set up to scare off potential predators. You can see a black one at the top of your head. You see a blue one going around your head and a black one going around the left side and a white one going around the right side. This, you say, holding out the headband, is for the white ones. You headband You put on the headband to see if theres a difference. The white headbands all glow with light, but the black ones all seem to darken with the black light. I think these should be enough to help us blend in with the animals we might run into. The light is nice, but you still want more of a cloak than just a simple headband. You dont see a single line of black through it, and its a bit of a lighter shade than the black cloth thats already on you. You put this one on and put it up and then put it over the top of the headband. You put on the red t-shirt with the red stripes, the same color of the t-shirt you put your headband on with. I think this one should do, the man says. You put the t-shirt on snugly, but still enough for you to see your ribs. A small brown belt goes around your waist with three small gold buttons. Theres another small t-shirt in red with a yellow circle on it thats also red and yellow striped and in a brown leather patch. Its all the same size, and it has one of those little golden buttons on it. Just as you get the last of your clothes on, a small black dog runs out onto the landing.

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