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Re interrupted by Bobby who comes back from his shower and says someone knocked on your door. S been an emergency and we need to talk. The last thing you need right now is a bunch of strangers barging into your home. Bobby leads you out of the bathroom and down a hall, and then through a couple more rooms and finally into another bathroom. D still be able to pull your weight around him. S awkwardly good-looking, but awkward in more ways than one. S also got a handkerchief in one hand and looks a little anxious about something. Ve known Bobby for years and I figured you could use my help on this family project. At this point Bobby takes up the lead and goes on about his life story to you. S making some attempts at making himself more approachable. Re all doing now in their own ways, or not, but they definitely seemed to be more excited about this family project than some of the younger ones. He also mentions he recently bought a motorcycle and seems to be quite the outdoorsman. M trying to get back into it more lately. Bobby says and then begins to reminisce about his younger days. Ll be able to finish this by the time you leave.

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