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S time for the vegan news:The veganvegetarian world has been in upheaval in the last few years. Many famous people that were once considered the best of the best are now coming out and starting to make the switch to a vegan diet. S not just vegans that are getting more attention, but also those that are vegetarian or even carnivorous as a part of their lifestyle. The trend has been growing and now there are many celebrities that are making the news or are considered to be a voice of the veganvegetarian movement. Most of these celebrities have been on the frontlines of activism against animal cruelty, against sweatshop labor and against the meat eating culture. Here is a list of famous people that have either converted to a vegan diet in the last few years or are just starting to become aware of the issues surrounding animal rights and animal suffering:Rihanna: Singer, SingerSongwriter, SingerSongwriter. Rihanna has always been a big proponent of animal rights. She has spoken about her vegan diet and life choice very publicly. She has also said that she does not eat any animal products. She has also stated in an interview that she would never eat an animal and that she wont be a part of a cruel world. John Legend has become a popular vegan advocate. He was inspired by the singer and decided to make the change as well. He states that he has not experienced ill effects when switching to a vegan diet and that he believes it is important for people to know what is involved in the daily process of eating a vegan diet. Kate Hudson has become one of the most vocal vegan advocates. She has stated that you dont need to suffer from an early death to see the world, as animal rights are important to her. Kate Hudson has also stated that she has never eaten an animal and that she will stick with her vegan diet no matter what. Cynthia Nixon has always been a supporter of animal rights. She has stated that it is not just about animals, it is about human rights. She has mentioned that animals are sentient beings like humans and that they share many of same rights. Elijah Wood has never been a huge eater but he has gone vegan a few years ago. He says that it was about his ethics and his thoughts on what is right and what is wrong. Kate Gosselin: Model, Model, Model, Actress.

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