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He was called a pervert and it said he had a perverted obsession with vaginas. Brians business went into a virtual hiatus and he was forced to look into other avenues to make ends meet. Ve been wondering what type of penis to get for awhile. T work since this is a really personal question, but here goes. You sit on the couch and begin to type out the question. Re going to find another wayYou decide not tell Brian and continue on with your question. If you were to choose what type of penis would make you the most beautiful penis, what would you choose. Brian was a little disappointed that you were choosing not to tell him what you were going to choose. Well, that is a pretty big responsibility, but what type of question is this. At this point Brian gets up and begins to gather his things, but not before asking you to repeat yourself. T want to get into a relationship right now. M not ready for that kind of commitment right now.

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