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From Spice Of Old Fashioned Shit This product has been out for a long time. I have tried it twice now and both times I regret it. It is so full of chemicals that it makes my skin very irritated and dry. You also have a note:I wish you would go back to the original Park Beauty Water, it still works and has no chemicals in it. Ve used it at night when I sleep and in the morning before I get ready. T even know what it was, but after using it for a few days, its scent disappeared. Its effectiveness was almost immediate and it did not make me feel oily, nor did it make my skin dry. The only reason it did not make my skin feel dry is because I had used a lot of SPF. I have been using this product religiously and the results are evident. The lady at the counter was very impressed by your review, and even offered to give you a free bottle of the original Park Beauty Water. T have to pay the exorbitant prices for the stuff at the drugstore and you can just buy that for a third of the price at your drugstore. But first: You might want to get some sunscreen or another SPF-based product, though probably not the full-SPF-rated stuff. There is a huge amount of chemicals in Park Beauty Water, I was shocked when I heard what was in it, and if you are only using it for a few days, you are not likely to suffer those effects. One more note, you might want to make sure you go to your dermatologist and get tested for skin cancer as well. To Spice Of Old Fashioned Shit Oh I did. So I need to get tested for skin cancer. S looking at you with pity in her eyes and you need to either give into her feelings or turn the conversation towards yourself. You turn conversation to yourselfWhy the hell are you so worried about skin cancer when you have an STD like herpes. Re taking this all so much more personally than you should.

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