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And we all can live happily ever afterA beautiful dreamIf I were in that form I could crush a person with a single finger. Even as a young boy I could feel that something was not right about this human. Aint nobody else that youd rather be than that human. I dont care if you love me, Ill tear your heart out if I want to. Youre no good human you know. Your kind is just an animal and Ive been killing them like this for years. Your kind can die easy if they want to, a humans a frail and fragile creature. This is for your own personal pain you pathetic animal. And you just dont have the spirit to face your beast nature. Ive been watching you since the day you were born. I know better than anyone the pain of not having any friends. Why would I be anything but cruel to a fellow manticore. Youll come crawling to me one day, I promise. As you think you can catch him in a lie, he releases you. T get to meet your human again, but you will have a chance to speak to your Beast when you leave for the real world. The next morning you walk along the beach and meet up with the rest of your group and theyre all pleased to see you and eager to put you to the test. D fit in well with them, even more than you did in the mortal world, just with a little more guidance. When you get to the house, you all see a young woman tending a small fire on a table. T dressed in typical local garb, but more in a casual suit and tie.

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