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Were all vegan, and were a lot more than vegans. The Black Vegans are all united by a common goal. The next time a black celebrity is praised for her vegan activism, just remember that, like you, theyre just as passionate, even moreso, about their cause. You can only hope that theyll let you in, but there are far too many eyes on the bus stop to really give yourself an advantage. You climb aboard and find theres exactly one seat available, a seat thats been taken by your old buddy the rude bus driver Still, itll be an easy enough climb, and eventually, you make it up the ramp. Once on board, youre greeted by the warm smell of bacon frying in a large pot. The suns shining through large windows which seem to be directly below the bus. Its a small town and were not stopping for anything else. Theres a gas station a few miles up the road. I dont imagine theres a restaurant or anything in town, you say. Well, theres a Walgreens a few miles up the road, but they dont accept cards. I think well be stopping at Wendys first and buying some food while were there. You and the bus driver set off along the paved road, which soon narrows to a single lane. The drivers got a good sense of direction, but you seem to be having some trouble keeping up. And youre being a little hard on yourself; if youd only stopped to think about taking the longer, more scenic route home as opposed to just rushing through here like you have so many times before, you mightve had a little more time to enjoy the scenery. Your eyes begin to glaze over and you begin to shake your head. Youre not feeling very well today. A text message pops up on your screen, reading Sorry, it looks like youve got a long way to go. The drive is bumpy; as usual, the bus gets really quiet at night. The bus stops frequently for gas, and once you get to the nearest.

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