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You had a hard time getting used to the idea that there are other rich people in the world, but you had no idea there were so many on the list and you couldnt even understand what they did with their fortunes. You wonder if you should feel disappointed about being on the list, or happy to not be on it. You are on the listYou are a pretty poor person and you dont even get any fancy cars or whatever the hell people get on the list anymore. You were lucky to get on it in the first place. You are on the list, you arent as rich as the millionaires, but you are fairly close. Then you think:You are a poor person on the list, and you are on a list of people who are rich people. Why the hell are rich people on a list of rich people. Well the answer is because there are so many rich people, and there are so many poor people living on earth, but the rich people on the list could really care less. They are on a list of rich people and they get on the list by doing good deeds. Rich people like doing good deeds, especially if they can get credit for it. The people on the list dont even have to be rich, the list could just be a thing that a rich person would like to see, although the list is used very selectively. The list itself is not a public record, and is not open to the public, but instead only to the rich people on the list and people who are considered to be in the list. Most people are on the list because they have done bad things, but there are also some on the list who are considered to be on the list for other good reasons. There are no guarantees that you are on the list, but you dont have any reason to believe that you will not be. The only people that dont get on the list are people who have done good things too many times. For example, your girlfriend Rachel might not be on the list due to her good deeds, so there will be no reason to see her anymore. You just dont see her as a person who deserves to be on the list anyhow. The list is a long list, because every rich person on earth has a different number. Some people on the list are very rich, some are poor, some make their money from illegal activities and so on. The list does not mean that the list has to be on the side of the road. It means that you have been considered to be wealthy enough to get on the list. But you are going to take the list back.

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