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S: Im not a big file-share, so dont ask me if you can stream it or something. RAW Paste DataA4A The Beauty and the Beast Ending 2017. M4F FF4M Romance Cheat Facefucking Anime Cosplay Bondage Rape Breast expansion Face-sitting, No-Sex, Face-fucking Facial Face-kissing Creampie Carnival Sansa TortureDegradation The end of the world has come, the sun has gone down, and the moon is almost down. You are in the darkness, staring into the darkness, hoping your final moments will be a joyful one. You stand, pulling your dagger from its sheath, and approach her. She is standing there, in the dim light of the candlelight, holding a sword. You can hear the sounds of battle outside. Her red hair is in a ponytail, and her face shows no emotion as you approach. You take a small step forward, and she raises her sword. You pull the dagger from its sheath, and kneel before her. You will have no secrets from me, vampire, she says. Tell me, have you ever dreamt of me. Its a little difficult to say, but I will tell you anyway. You nod, not knowing what else to say, so you just nod again, as she kneels before you. You try to keep your arms around her, but you stop when she grabs your wrist with her free hand, pulls you closer, and puts her lips against yours. You smell like fresh blood and death. You continue to try to think of an answer as she runs her tongue along your lips.

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